Apron Conveyors: both new machines and complete rebuilds. We specialize in removal and replacement of these apron conveyor components: new rails, impact bars, sprockets, shafts, and chain, AD Style, Z Pan style and Piano Hinge style, etc. Most systems can be completely rebuilt on site; while others require some prefabrication. Our specialization allows us to identify necessary replacement components and more importantly what can be re-used, saving you money. All rebuild and repair work can be done within a normal annual outage.

All of our chain is manufactured by Northern Chain who has been manufacturing Apron Chain in the above styles for over 25 years. All other components are manufactured in house, at our own plants. We offer a variety of options in wheel and axle arrangements, and are experts at modifying your conveyor with current technology to increase uptime and reduce maintenance time and costs.

New conveyors are custom designed at capacities to meet current and future expansion requirements.

Hydrapulpers are by rebuild only. Stainless Steel Tub liners, rotor and bearing change outs have become routine over the years. We have accumulated the necessary tooling to remove stuck rotors, with 100-ton porta powers, torque multipliers, and 1” impact guns carried standard in our tool trailer brought to every site. A breakdown crew is available 24 hours a day for emergency repairs.