Klockner Group has been manufacturing and supervising the installation of Cascade Evaporator rebuilds for over 30 years. We have over rebuilt over 70 cascades during that time and have on staff the former product manager from the original manufacturing company, Murray Machinery, Wausau Wisconsin.

We have developed the drawings to manufacture all of the components. Our tube sheets are precisely drilled for perfect alignment and smooth tube installation. Our tubes are plugged and LEAK TESTED in our tube testing tank. Hub bolts are custom manufactured to exceed the original requirements. We stock most of the bushings at our facility, as well as a full set of hub bolts, washers and nuts, and fabricated bearing housings.

We have all of the expertise and developed drawings to manufacture any shaft and hub assembly, and have, on multiple occasions, fully assembled the cascade wheel in our shop, broke it down into quadrants, shipped it to the site as 5 sub assemblies, 4 wheel quadrants with 1 shaft assembly, speeding up the installation time.

We have the field service technicians to diagnose problems, and fix on site, any problem areas. We have on many occasions, taken a catastrophic failure, manufactured ALL of the parts, and supervised the rebuild in less than 7 days.