Anything from the smallest of spare parts to complete rebuilds, Klockner Group can supply all of the parts required to repair, rebuild or furnish new, any roll handling conveyor. Our proprietary parts come through Northern Chain Specialties Company, the top of the line US manufacturer for domestic floor chain for the last 25 years. Our sprockets are US manufactured in house using steel of different hardnesses to suit the application, with the minimum steel spec of 1045, flame hardened teeth, up through T1 and AR500.

We manufacture and shelf stock almost all of the rotating components, chain parts, transition rollers, all of the bearings, Head bearings, take up bearings and transition roller bearings, for most manufacturers; Lamb, Kone, Rex, Lenox, and Beloit.

New conveyors are custom designed from the ground up, using General Arrangement system drawings from the customer or EC.