The “H” Class Mill Chain is an extremely strong, serviceable industrial chain originally designed for heavy drives and transfer conveyor purposes in the forest products industry.


The chain is also appropriate for many other industrial applications, especially for moderate duty in abrasive atmospheres.


“H” Class Mill Chain Specifications

The direction of travel for “H” Class Mill Chain is determined by the application.


Kelco also manufactures attachments for “H” Class Mill Chains. Dimensions are given in inches. Available in riveted and cottered construction.

Browse the industrial chain product specs below to match your fit!


Pitch: 2.308

Pin Diameter: .312

Sidebar Height: .75

Barrel Diameter: .75

Max. Sprocket Face: .75

Length of Bearing: 2

Max Recommended Working Load: 1560lb

Overall Width Cottered: 2.62

Overall Width Riveted: 2.62

Head of Pin to Center Line: 1.25

End of Pin to Center Line Cottered: 1.38

End of Pin to Center Line Riveted: 1.38

Avg. Ultimate Strength: 9450lb

Links per 10′: 52

Weight per Foot: 2.1


Pitch: 2.609

Pin Diameter: .5

Sidebar Height: 1.12

Barrel Diameter: .88

Max. Sprocket Face: 1.12

Length of Bearing: 1.88

Max Recommended Working Load: 2810lb

Overall Width Cottered: 3.31

Overall Width Riveted: 3.19

Head of Pin to Center Line: 1.56

End of Pin to Center Line Cottered: 1.62

End of Pin to Center Line Riveted: 1.62

Avg. Ultimate Strength: 22,20050lb

Links per 10′: 46

Weight per Foot: 4.2

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